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Exhausted Willpower

How do I summon, from deep inside my being, the alignment necessary for change?

Most people think of will power as the energy used to force themselves into making a new choice. Control, exertion, restraint.

People are busy and tired. We don’t have infinite resources of force, coercion, dominance.

Yet personal change IS available and accessible. You must think in terms of reverse psychology. What is gentle, appealing, magnetic?

You have multiple voices and desires inside. One voice wants everything to stay the same and for you to have ease in the moment, no thoughts of delayed gratification. There is another voice whispering the possibilities of a new or different life. Soulful willpower comes when you connect and align deeply with the voice that hungers for change. The more you connect and listen to the part of you dreaming of a different future, that voice provides the necessary guidance and map to bring yourself into new territory.

Soulful willpower comes from deep alignment, deep listening.

You are always saying yes to yourself, yes to things staying the same or yes to change.

This is not just the difference between instant gratification versus long term goals. Even if your goal is to lose 100#, listening inside and making daily choices aligned with your future self feels very gratifying in the moment. It builds momentum that will come to your aide.

Stop fighting yourself and start listening deep.

  • Drive in silence.

  • Eat one or two meals alone each week, without multitasking.

  • Put your headphones in, but don’t actually listen to music or that podcast.

  • Sit down on the floor for 5 minutes before you leave the house.

  • Take a longer shower.

  • Walk around the block once or twice.

  • Sit for 30 seconds in your car after work before you start driving.

  • Take social media off your phone.

  • Do nothing when you are stuck waiting for something or in line at the store.

Listening is not an active thing, it is an allowing.

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