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For My Clients:

Nothing can compare to the collective wisdom I’ve gained from sitting across from you day after day, year after year.  All of your struggles, vulnerability and deep wisdom now reside within me.  I carry your stories.   I remember them as bridges to help others find their own way.  I am profoundly grateful, humbled and honored to be a witness and a guide.

May I continue to learn from you.


“My experience with Katie was phenomenal.  As someone who has been in therapy most of my life, I found this to be the most valuable therapeutic space I have ever been in.  Katie asked the questions that needed to be asked and was incredibly insightful.  She has this ability to reflect your own wisdom, so my relationship with her was like a process of self-discovery, but with someone holding my hand the whole way.  I relied on her to talk through my history with an eating disorder and she was with me through my very upsetting divorce.  Katie was loving and supportive of my queer identity and I've never felt so comfortable being so honest about my thoughts, and hopes and struggles.  Katie has a true gift when it comes to therapy and I am deeply grateful I was able to work with her.”  -Jessica

“I wanted to thank you for all of your help. You were such an invaluable part of my recovery. I had so many "Aha!" moments sitting in your office. I learned so much from you, not only about food and nutrition, but also about so many other aspects of healing and recovery. You are a role model for me, and I am blessed and full of gratitude for having your help in my life journey.”  -Megan

“I just want to share how much I have appreciated you. With you, I felt I had the best of two worlds- Nutrition and Therapy. I am still amazed by how quickly you offer information that is so relevant to what we discuss. I always looked forward to seeing you - you made me feel better about the difficult feelings I had about food. And you challenged me!”  -JB

“I was first introduced to Katie McKenna in the summer of 2012. After many years of therapy for eating issues, I began to realize that I needed more intense and spiritual healing.  Katie was just what I was looking for in my healing journey, with her supportive, empathetic and understanding ways. She has allowed me to take ownership and responsibility towards my own health.

I so enjoyed our work together, especially the EMDR therapy that allowed me to peel off layers of hidden shame that I had been hanging onto for years.  I feel that I have so much more balance and forgiveness in my life, and Katie has shown me the power to believe in myself and stay “true to my soul”!

Also, Katie’s wisdom and knowledge about nutrition and the way the body works has allowed my nutritional and digestive issues to improve immensely, as well as my skin rashes, neck tension, and overall anxiety.  I have truly found her to be quite encouraging and positive in her gift as a therapist and true healer.  In her gentle, yet direct way, she communicates care and wisdom.

I would give 5 Stars and my highest recommendation to my family, friends and others to receive care from Katie. I know that my path has been richly blessed, and I am honored having had her in my life.”  -Di

“I had been struggling with bulimia for nearly two decades. I had been an in-patient, an outpatient, and transitional patient. I had seen countless therapists and I had been a part of ABA (anorexics bulimics anonymous) before I found Katie.   Katie was absolutely unlike any other therapist I had worked with.  Katie is an incredibly talented therapist.  She is grounded and direct, yet observant, and open minded. She has an innate ability to create space and hold space for her clients. One of the things that really helped me connect with Katie is that I truly felt like she "got me."  I never felt judged, I only felt cared for and understood.  Katie's approach may not be typical, for me I saw that her focus had so much depth. It went beyond food and body image, she guided me inward so that I could see my disconnect from self, and from my spirit. The 'me' beyond my body and my thoughts. Katie helped guide me to freedom. I now can see that my eating disorder behaviors are an alarm. That alarm reminds me to look beyond the surface and really listen to what I need.  Katie is able to see you and loves you for who you are, so that you too can see yourself and love yourself for who you are.  I have endless gratitude for our work together. Katie, you gave me my life back. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” - TM

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