Bringing the Body's Needs and Desires into Balance


Health care is changing.  In fact, health care as we know it, is failing many people.


What I offer is health care redefined.  It is not merely measured in 15 or 45 minute increments, with a constantly revolving door. 


My work is relationship based.  Commitments are typically 3 or 6 month intervals.  The foundation of our work will be weekly sessions, but I want to keep the dialogue going via email and phone calls as needed throughout the week. 


If you struggle with obesity, an eating disorder, or food addiction - you know in your heart of hearts that recovery and transformation takes time.   Change is completely possible, but it doesn’t happen overnight and it doesn’t happen only in the single weekly session with your therapist.

Our objective is finding true, definitive change in your well being.  Internal and external.  The work is results orientated: multi dimensional in body, mind and spirit. I will guide and support you through the transformation with unconditional compassion and nonjudgement without sugar coating the realities of pain, hard work and life’s difficulties. 


Have you tried everything else?  Popular diets are fools’ gold. 


I have the vision, education and heart to lead you to your goals.  More than anything, I have the experience.  I’ve seen what it takes. I will show you the way. 


• I require your determination, vulnerability and honesty. 
• Call or contact me to schedule a phone consultation: (425) 231-2796

• Appointments are 50 minutes/$180.