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Bringing the Body's Needs and Desires into Balance


Health care is changing.  In fact, health care as we know it, is failing many people.


What I offer is health care redefined.  It is not merely measured in 15 or 45 minute increments, with a constantly revolving door. 


My work is relationship based.  I work in terms of 3 Month Intensives.  The foundation of our work will be weekly sessions, but I want to keep the dialogue going via email and phone calls as needed throughout the week. 


If you struggle with anxiety, eating disorders, or food addiction - you know in your heart of hearts that recovery and transformation takes time.   Change is completely possible~

Our objective is finding true, definitive change in your well being.  Internal and external.  The work is results orientated: multi dimensional in body, mind and spirit. I will guide and support you through the transformation with unconditional compassion and nonjudgement without sugar coating the realities of pain, hard work and life’s difficulties. 


I have the vision, education and heart to lead you to your goals.  More than anything, I have the experience.  I’ve seen what it takes. I will show you the way. I require your determination, vulnerability and honesty.


Call or email to schedule a phone consultation: (425) 231-2796

 3 Month Intensive $3250

Single session follow up (45 min) $195


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