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The time is now.   Step forward.  Discover your true power. 

Heal your body, balance your mind, live from your Soul. 


How much time have you spent feeling out of control with anxiety or low self esteem?  Do you struggle daily with your body or your relationship to food?


Do you feel like a failure?  How many days and years feel wasted with varied attempts at change?  It   is   not    your   fault.


Are you tired of feeling powerless?


A powerful person thrives when they are connected to their

 body, emotions and intuition. 

I want to guide you there. 


I’m building a new world. Join me.


Integrative health therapy blends nutrition and counseling to create a new definition of health that encompasses body, mind and spirit. 


As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and master’s level Nutritionist, my work promotes wellness by bridging the science of biochemistry and nutrition with psychology and mental health.  I offer a unique, blended approach that fosters change on all levels:

physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. 



There is a war raging within many people.  A war between the shadow and the light.  The parts we show the world and the parts we are ashamed of and keep hidden. 


Many people are molded and shaped into being “good little girls and boys.” Nobody told you “just be yourself.”  JUST BE YOURSELF is part of the medicine.  Not good or bad – but WHOLE.  REAL.  AUTHENTIC.

Compassion and self-acceptance is missing.  A touch of compassion brings healing to our darkest places. 


Self-acceptance does not mean resignation or stagnation. 


In fact, acceptance is the required first ingredient in precipitating true change and transformation. Once you accept yourself as you are, more things are possible. 


Self-love exists inside everyone.  If you are not experiencing it, it is locked inside of you.  The key to feeling self-love is to remove the blockages of judgment, shame, guilt and limiting beliefs. 


You are designed to be an evolving, growing being. 

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