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I am a mental health therapist and nutritionist specializing in trauma, eating disorders (including food addiction), self-esteem and spirituality. I’m not your average talk therapist.

I have many things to share about how we heal. About how the nation can move forward.

For over 10 years I’ve spent my days listening to broken hearts and guiding people back to strength and wholeness. When a person can hear their inner wisdom, they move into a place of personal power. Personal power is also a connection to the divine, great mystery – whatever that may be. When people operate from a place of personal power, we create a world of equality and freedom.

I’m talking about the freedom to be yourself. Freedom to follow your heart.

In order to follow your heart, you have to be able to listen to your heart. Listen to your intuition.

In order to listen, you must clear away the cobwebs and radio static of criticism and judgement. Mental chatter, self-doubt and fear can rob you of the silence needed to listen to your deepest wisdom.

This blog is a resource for all things related to self-esteem, intuition and letting go of emotional baggage.

I welcome your questions and ongoing dialogue!

This is what my battlefront looks like. I’m here to help others take a stand for freedom and equality!

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Terra Marie
Terra Marie
10 de nov. de 2018

This is so cool!!!! ❤

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