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How do I find Stillness and Intuition?

But first, the contest winner! I won't announce their name here, to protect privacy.

I did contact the winner this morning and they confirmed with me their excitement about attending the "Neurohacking Workshop"!

Can you be a still pool of water that simply reflects?

This week's insight is about stillness. We need to be able to quiet the mind enough so that we can truly BE in our inner silence. When we have quieted the chatter we can tune in to our intuition. A quick route to creating quiet: Take 1-2 minutes to feel your physical heart beating. Unless you just raced up the stairs and your heart is pounding, it often takes at least 30-45 seconds of sensing and awareness to start to actually feel it beat. Finding your heart beat is one of the best ways to drop into stillness.

This blog is a conversational community space; I encourage your questions, thoughts and comments.

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